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Gordon McTavish

 Trained as a combat engineer in the British army, he served 8 years in Germany and carried on to become a Design Draughtsman of the Corp. After hitting civilian life quickly got himself a German apprenticeship as a Plumbing, Gas, and Heating installer.

After a family trip to NZ, decided to make the big move in 2005 and never looked back. While getting his qualifications recognized, Gordon achieved record results while sitting his plumbing registration exam. Its with this drive he endlessly pursues his ambition of being one of the best at whatever he does. Most well-known for more technical installations, and problem solving, specially in the heating and solar arena.

Gordons passion is self defense, martial arts, and boxing. Having fought tournaments in the British army, and both German and New Zealand Nationals. Other hobbies include mountain biking, wake boarding, and Gym work.

Favourite quote " improvise, adapt, overcome"

Sandra McTavish

Born and raised in Germany, Sandra worked hard to achieve qualifications in the medical arena, working in a lab for over 10 years. After which she took time off to raise the family.

Like Gordon, after a family trip to New Zealand, fell in love with the country.  At this point she packed up the clan and started a new life on the other side of the world. After settling down, Sandra decided to start her own business, which has run successfully from the very beginning. Its with this knowledge and experience Sandra plays a vital role in the smooth operation of ALBA plumbing

Sandras hobbies are reading, baking, mountain biking, walking, and anything to do with enjoying the outdoors.

Favourite quote " Be happy "

Lukas Kirchner

Lukas finished his German plumbing/heating apprenticeship in 2006, and after a further 6 years within the business decided to embark on some overseas adventures.  It was those adventures that brought him to New Zealand, where he cycled the entire country over a 12 month period.


During the return trips to New Zealand, Lukas realised his heart was set on making Central Otago his home, and in 2013 made the big move to Wanaka.


Having worked in the industry as a plumber for over 18 years he's accumulated a wealth of knowledge, and has been part of NZ's most interesting and challenging projects. For example, The award winning Glenorchy Camp Ground which won the NZ plumbing association project of the year award. 


In his spare time, Lukas keeps myself entertained with  sport Climbing, Skiing and Ski-touring with the the odd run or a bike ride in between.


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Harley Stevenson

Harley comes from a farming background, hard working and dedicated. With this mindset, decided to take on a plumbing apprenticeship  which he successfully completed in 2018.

Raised in Masterton in the Wairarapa, Harley moved to Wanaka in 2010 with the intention of staying there for a short time. However, like many others, fell in love  with the Wanaka's lifestyle and surroundings, and now calls it home.


When not working, Harley enjoys taking the motorbike out for a spin, and of course all the other activities Wanaka offers. Mountain biking, boating, fishing, hiking, to name a few.

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